“The Hitler Play”

Wednesday, November 11, 2020 10:51 | Filled in Inspiration

Lately in politics we have seen a style of political practice that has not been seen much since Hitler’s political style of the 1930’s.  You are familiar now with the raised voice, the stern looks, the expected obedience and loyalty and the focusing of one’s emotions on hating other groups.  Sounds familiar….yes?  Many political leaders are using this style to gain followers and support around the world.


Well it worked well for Hitler.  Why not try it now since most of those who lived through the Hitler era are no longer here.  Why not grow another set of “groopies” to follow other totalitarian leaders.  It can work and it has, because people are not paying attention and, of course, some people are very gullible and can’t seem to resist a good lie that feeds their fears and beliefs.


Many people are afraid of the present situation, there is a pandemic, wages are so low that people can not afford to provide well for their families (sometimes having to work several jobs to make ends meet) and many fear the uncertainties of the future.  Some people are not very resilient, they cannot handle change or the unknown and need social support, while others are not as affected by uncertainties, they make opportunities.  However, what we  see today are people telling us that we must behave in a certain way or else all will go wrong.  We are told to hate others that are different from us, be judgmental and condemning.  Some don’t think this is a problem.  For if you were from their tribe you would think and do things the same.  What some people don’t realize is that we are not all the same, we don’t need to be in a tribe and that is OK.  We don’t need to live in a plural state with only two ways of thinking.  And not everyone thinks they have to follow the crowd, nor is the crowd their best support.


I think one needs to look inside to know what is good and the right thing to do.  Most of us humans have a conscience and can figure what is good, can realize that we are dependent on others to some extent, yes, but most of us have a sense of what human decency is and how it can be expressed.  This is important for our survival and human decency expressed by all will be the way to our survival.   Stop “The Hitler Play”.


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