The Death of the Republican Party in America

Saturday, November 21, 2020 12:46 | Filled in Inspiration

The Republican Party was established officially in 1856 with their first president elect  being Abraham Lincoln.  The party was established in the northern states with an abolitionist theme, support of labor unions, with economic reform (including  higher taxes) and generally with liberal changes in mind.  You say how can this be?  Well much has changed since then.


When Ronald Reagan came on the scene, much was changed to advantage business as opposed to the populous, and this was continued under other Republican Presidents.  Many social programs were de-funded, along with education, and the Republican Party has slowly become one to promote big business, less government control and less regulations, so profit can be had no matter what damage it may create for the country, its land or its people.


Today, the Republican Party seems to be against the welfare of the American Citizen; they want to de-fund most social programs, de-fund  education, restrict voting of citizens ( this also includes mail tampering and mishandling ballots by a Republican placed administrator, for this happened with my ballot mailed from overseas not being delivered to the election offices), privatize anything government run, loosening environmental laws and generally reduce taxes for big business and take money from these companies to do their bidding (via lobbying and campaign funds).  Not that Democrats don’t do some of this, but this is not their core focus.  The Republican party looks to liberate people to pursue whatever they wish to in living their lives and making a profit, like the Libertarians not wanting government to get in the way, however, they do not consider that there are individuals, for whatever reason, who are not able to take advantage of normal living arrangements.  There are people with physical and mental difficulties that have been for years ignored and many times put in prisons or left to be homeless.


Young people of today are looking to their future; being more aware of climate change, desiring better affordable educational opportunities for their children, mindful of the needs of environment protections and they have a willingness and desire to make the changes necessary.  If the Republican Party is not willing to change, look to future needs of these future voters, they will cease to exist.


Presently, the Republican Party have many supporters who believe in conspiracy theories and live, it seems, detached from reality.  There are some Republicans who are conservative and find this hard to live with, and it is understandable.  They are under the pressure of a President that has a charisma to con people into thinking he is telling truths to them, but most of the American people have figured out he has been lying to remain in office and will say anything to remain there.  Unfortunately, some Republican Senators are doing the same to keep a party in power, not to promote the welfare of the country.  This will be the death of the Republican Party.  It will die because it does not value the American People and the rules of a Democratic Nation.

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