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Before the covid pandemic came into it’s full swing in Portugal, we were able to visit a beautiful peaceful place up in the mountains called Talisnal.  This is an area that once raised cattle, then the area was planted with trees and the people left the area.  However, today there are these interesting old schist stone houses that are being repaired and used as vacation homes and tourist rentals.  It was very quiet when we were there, but can be a bit busy with the tourist season.  We found it to be so peaceful and the hiking around the area was beautiful and good exercise.


The town of Talisnal, PT

Walking through the town was a delight for the interesting buildings and walkways.


Talisnal streets

Schist Architecture


In the town and along the trails there were signs giving directions to the trails and telling how far the walks were from town to town, for there were other small schist villages to visit.


Signs for trails


We wandered several trails and they were all different and a bit challenging.


Easy walkway from town

As you walked from town there was a nice walk for a bit and a few nice houses away from the main part of town.


Restored Home


Then things got a little more interesting.


Old Abandoned Homes near Trail

And more pictures of the trails.

Some steep trails


Some parts uneven


beauty abounded


Sometimes a climb

And sometimes a challenge.


Slight trail challenge

Though there was good strenuous hiking, it took us to some interesting places.


Old home still being used


Views of the lower valley


View over the Monastery


The Monastery

I believe that people can stay at the Monastery at times, but not sure of the scheduling.  It was close to the castle and a beautiful stream, and we stayed there a while looking at the grotto and the fountains.


The Castle


Fountain at the Monastery


Peaceful Place


After visiting the Castle and Monastery we turned back for Talasnal and more steep climbing.


Church off the trail


Tree Decorations


trail leading home

Of course one must have some nice places to keep cool on hot summer days, so we took these cooling shots.


Water Playing Area


Stream near the Castle


Welcoming Entrance to Monastery


We had such a good time in Talasnal and Castilo.  The people were so hospitable and the local food was great.  A peaceful stay was a joy and Talasnal is a gem to visit.


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