America’s Choice – Democracy or Fascism

Wednesday, August 17, 2022 18:39 | Filled in Inspiration

It’s a little hard to imagine what kind of government exactly our founding fathers wished to establish, but they did understand the risks of having an absolute powerful figure deciding regulations and laws over their lives.  They had been colonists of a King and they knew they did not get a fair deal with that type of government.  Today, we seem to be in a conundrum as to which type of government we can be satisfied with.  On the one hand, the Republican Party has put all their eggs in the basket of Donald Trump, a charismatic person who seems to say whatever he thinks people want to hear to get their support, stirring up their emotional grievances, with other Republicans trying to favor his supporters with promises to be extremely conservative with restrictive ideas about many social issues.  Then there are the Democrats who are both conservative and liberal in their approaches to life solutions, but who cannot agree totally which direction to go to better the conditions for the American People.  There are also many who are not affiliated with any party and can decide their consciences with choosing policy and candidates they find most effective and reasonable.  There are choices to be made and they are very serious ones, for American will either affirm their belief in Democracy and freedom of choice or will be told what they have to do by a Fascist style state run by the Republicans.  Germany and Italy faced similar fates in the 1930’s and we seem to be going in a dangerous political direction.

Many rational people have been amazed and appalled at some of the radical and ridiculous statements some politicians and citizens have been making in the last few years.  It seems that some radical conservatives want to go backwards in time with hateful and discriminatory speech.   If someone is not like them they think that they must be of an evil nature.  There are many Republican candidates that seem to be feeding off of this radical conservatism thinking they can gain votes by feeding into people’s emotions of discontent, and there are many politicians who should be ashamed of this manipulation.  People must realize how they are being manipulated and controlled by their emotions.  Logic is always superior to uncontrolled emotions and reason can be a more dependable life tool.

News reports used to be a source of truthful and factual information that provided us a link to our own citizens reality and the world’s.  Now, we have emotional displays that are called news, like Fox News, that seems to only want to rile peoples’ emotions to move them to listen more to narratives that are false, and provably false, to give them more viewing customers.  This to me is a scandal and a crime against the American People who deserve the truth and not lies.  Sometimes I think that people are not living enough in the real world to know what truth is.  The loudest voice is not always the most truthful, as we saw with Hitler, Hugo Chavez and Donald Trump for example.  Unfortunately, many people are swayed by someone who sounds forceful and in control and says what they want to hear.   They do not think about people who are not in their community, or like them and who might have different ideas about life.  Christians should take to heart the examples of Christ, who was understanding, forgiving and always bringing forth what enhanced people lives; not judging others with hateful actions.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party has shown that they do not support the needs of the American People.  What is important to them is the power of the Republican Party to control government and the lives of people.  If they take over control of American, Americans will lose their freedom of choice in so many ways.  Voting will be restricted, healthcare will be lacking, freedom of lifestyle will be outlawed, workers will be paid less and will be closer to slaves, because Republicans will be supported by money coming into their coffers by companies willing to pay big donations for legal favors, and will not want to pay much for workers.  This has been going on already, but when the Party takes over all but the Party members and their supporters lose.

Do Americans still believe in the good of Democracy and self expression or do they want one Party to take over.  A one Party systems is Fascism or Totalitarianism, and has shown itself to be a failure for people in the past.  Please, don’t let Democracy die out in America.  The World needs a country to look up to as an example of a Nation For The People.

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