Is the United States becoming the Land of the Violent and Hateful?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 11:24 | Filled in Inspiration

While traveling in different countries, I have observed how others live and have discussed the Worlds’ events with those having varied viewpoints.  One thing that is most disturbing for me, and to many World citizens, is how radical politicians are sprouting up around the World, promoting violence and hatred.  We last saw this in the 1930’s with Hitler and Mussolini.  People who think their life situations are inadequate and think some one else is to blame, are listening to arrogant men who are looking for power, control and money (paybacks).  Violence and hatred is being promoted around us.  Are Americans willing to fall into this trap?

I’ve heard it said that the United States needs to be great again.  Apparently, those saying this have no idea about the rest of the World.  My country has as it’s base the ideals of liberty, justice and the pursuit of one’s potential and happiness.  In the past, this has been the goal of the United States and in the World this has been and is still applauded and reverenced.  However, there are those who do not wish to promote the dreams of struggling people.  Our country has become great because people from all over the World have come to the U.S. to pursue their dreams of a better life and have been willing to work for it.  Our nation has profited by these talented people.  At present U.S. citizens have the opportunity to work toward their dreams, if they choose to do so.  This is not true everywhere.  Are we willing to sacrifice this opportunity for all?

Another form of violence is the suppression of the truth .  There are many who do not want others to hear the truth about themselves or about World events or want to slant it from the truth.  They want to suppress the legitimate news agents, so no one will know how people have been injured  for profit and gain.  Freedom needs to be upheld for the support of lives and to realize what is happening around us.  Are we American enough to believe in this?  Freedom of thought has always been important.  But, it does not mean inflicting injury on others or telling half truths or lies.  The welfare of our citizens is more important than a philosophy of life or twisted emotions.  Rational thinking should guide our actions in life and in politics.

We have allowed our citizens to carry weapons, so that if the government becomes too oppressive against citizens’ rights they can defend themselves.  This was a reality in the 1700’s.  The decisive power of our various State Governments , the checks and balance of the executive branch and the gridlock of Congress make it impossible for the government to be oppressive, if at all functional.  So, why do we allow people to purchase high powered assault rifles?  Do government officials need to be culled?  Are deer, rabbits and birds getting faster?  Or do people just want to express their own power with a powerful gun?

I venture to say, express your values with your vote and voice.  Truth will always prevail.  Goodness always trumps evil.  Violence is a result of fear and loss of self power and worth.   As Americans we should promote our values that have served us from our inception.  If we promote positive ideal, I suspect we will have strength and success in the future to come.


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